Why is a raven like a writing desk?

I have a desk. There's not much on it, but I think I'd like to keep it that way.

1. The white rabbit picture shows my utter fixation with Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. It keeps me inspired to write and be creative.

2. My Kindle, also known as The Reading Machine. Couldn't live without it. I am an e-reader convert, although I still buy proper books if they are good enough to add to my bookcase.

3. Notepads are always handy when I feel like writing down a sentence or paragraph that's been buzzing round my brain all day. Otherwise...tomorrow I am likely to forget it and I will be cross with myself!

4.Old lady phone with HUGE buttons. I feel like such a grown up with a real landline number again!

5. The Blog Machine. All my electronics end up with a name along this line :P

6. List of appointments and things to do, pen (very important!!), my one and only hair tie, and usb dongle stick for transferring data between The Blog Machine and the The Edit Machine (my Mister's desktop).

7. Howard. Enough said.

8. Bunny earrings that I wear all the time. I have to take them out to put my headphones on lest my little earwigs hurt!


  1. Your desk is so simple and sweet! I used to have a single hair tie as well, but I finally caved and bought a whole new pack. I still only use one in any given period of time, until it goes missing or becomes too stretched.

  2. Your desk is lovely. I wish mine was as uncluttered.