Hello little ones.

Some of you who follow me on Twitter will know I am moving. Blog moving.

Thank you for reading Paper Pocket over the years. I'm going to leave Paper Pocket online as it's a shame to lose it all and it'll be lovely to look back at it when I'm old and grey! I hope you'll come with me to the new blog which will be more of the same old me but just a fresh start.

Hop on over to the new blog by clicking the link below...

See you over there, Bloggeroo's.


Just popping in.

 Hey Folks. Just popping by to say hello and give you a quick update. The mister is still in hospital but hopefully coming home at the end of the week. Friday was full of worry and shock as they had to perform emergency surgery on him to remove a large amount of his colon. His doctor said it was either that or... well, caput! So we are taking this as a positive development rather than a negative one as it could have turned out a whole lot worse. The mister is doing really well post-op and is already back to his normal self.

I've been trying to document our month and a bit at the hospital in phone photos so here are a few... You can tell from them just how grey the weather is here in Wales! ;)

Back soon, Bloggeroo's. Hugs to you all.

To see the best in others...

I don't often post photos of my Mister. Mainly because he's very private and is kind of shy about you lot looking at him! But today I figure it's appropriate, even if he's facing away from the camera.

Those who follow me on Twitter will know that these past few weeks have been tough. The Mister was admitted to hospital last week and discharged without much interest in carrying out the necessary tests and checks. We tried to carry on over the following days but on Monday evening it was clear he needed urgent treatment. After being admitted to a different section of the hospital, he has finally had the correct treatment and we are  now close to a diagnosis. Although we know what the cause is likely to be, I'm not going to say what it might be until we have a final diagnosis (because the Mister is so private), but I will say this... in its worst form it may strive to change our lifestyle considerably. Let me be clear. I'm not talking Cancer or a life threatening disease. It's not that. Don't worry.

If I know one thing about my Mister it is that nothing will stop him from riding the waves or climbing the mountains.

I am eternally hopeful that good things are coming our way, even though I got a flat tyre on the way home from the hospital  tonight and had to drive back with it like that as no one would help me change the tyre and I have no breakdown insurance... (Get breakdown insurance, people!) The doctors and nurses that has seen us this past few days have been wonderful. Sometimes you see the worst in people, but what's amazing is that the best in people completely overshadows that.

Thank you for your patience, my little Bloggeroos.


Princess Jasmine trousers and a cute true story.

So I'm walking down the home baking aisle in the supermarket and I pass a mother with a young daughter sitting in her trolley.

"Mummy?" says the little girl. "Why is that lady wearing Princess Jasmine trousers?"

The little girl is referring to me. I am wearing very hippy, green trousers gathered at the ankles that do indeed look like Princess Jasmine trousers. Her mother tries to shush her, aware that I am in earshot. Then I hear the girl whisper something.

"She looks like a Disney Princess..."

I smile. It makes my day.



1.Sorting through my vintage collection. 2. A loaf of bread gone wrong! 3. Invitation to my brother's wedding. 4. A wee bit of writing.
5.Tea cup from my mama's collection. 6. Dried bridesmaid bouquet. 7. Finding somewhere for Alice. 8.Stone.

A week of phone photo's: Monday

1.Brick pavement 2.Welsh humps 3. Derelict house 4.Trolley on the beach(!) 5.C'est moi 6.Pebble feet 7.New fave jumper/compass 8.Sick bed

Today was one of those none days. I had so much planned. I went for a stroll in the morning to a local beach, got rained on and then felt sick so I've spent the rest of the day sleeping and stuffing my face with comfort food.

I'm going to read a book and hope for betterness tomorrow! :)


An unfortunate turn of events.

You know when you get all in the bloggy mood and suddenly something happens that scuppers all your plans. Yeah? Uh huh...THAT. So it turns out the Mister has promised some friends of ours that when he sees them next weekend he'll film a music video for them and since our video cam is out of order my DSLR steps up to the plate and since he's going to London for work right this second...it'll be a long week ahead. I'm having a difficult time coming to terms with being separated from it and I'm feeling particularly huffy right now. I had a week of baking and photography adventures to the old Victorian pier where I live and I really wanted to document it all on my nice camera.

So let's do an about turn and create something positive out of my lack of decent camera, making next week...

 Oh yeah!! I'll document everyday next week with my lovely Twitter machine/phone. Kind of getting more excited about this as I type so perhaps this is a good turn of events. And I'm not afraid to pull stupid faces and make an ass of myself (well documented in the photo above?!) Perhaps I'll throw in a vlog or two for good measure too.

I'll see you tomorrow, Bloggeroo's.