An unfortunate turn of events.

You know when you get all in the bloggy mood and suddenly something happens that scuppers all your plans. Yeah? Uh huh...THAT. So it turns out the Mister has promised some friends of ours that when he sees them next weekend he'll film a music video for them and since our video cam is out of order my DSLR steps up to the plate and since he's going to London for work right this'll be a long week ahead. I'm having a difficult time coming to terms with being separated from it and I'm feeling particularly huffy right now. I had a week of baking and photography adventures to the old Victorian pier where I live and I really wanted to document it all on my nice camera.

So let's do an about turn and create something positive out of my lack of decent camera, making next week...

 Oh yeah!! I'll document everyday next week with my lovely Twitter machine/phone. Kind of getting more excited about this as I type so perhaps this is a good turn of events. And I'm not afraid to pull stupid faces and make an ass of myself (well documented in the photo above?!) Perhaps I'll throw in a vlog or two for good measure too.

I'll see you tomorrow, Bloggeroo's.

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