Head in the clouds; House in the trees.

"I want to live in a treehouse." 

This was the beginning of an argument with my dad. I was 5 and adamant that I was ready to move away from home or to the tree at the bottom of the garden at  least. He reasoned with me that the tree just wasn't the right kind of tree for building a house and sleeping in, that it was much more comfy inside our home and I believed him. But I am taking it back right now.
Sorry, Dad.There's nothing you can do, I'm in love. In love with the simplicity of the decor and all the natural light. Just look at those windows will you! 

I think I could cope with that.


  1. oh what a fantastic house! I'm a tree house fan too, but I can't even afford a wendy house so it'll have to remain a fantasy to live in one!

  2. Looks like heaven! All the natural elements and distressed wood lends for such a beautiful rustic feel. I guess I'll just have to keep dreaming for now.

  3. Oh my goodness! That looks amazing. I'd move there in an instant if I could.

  4. Yes! That is my idea of homey heaven!

  5. Swooning like you would not believe. Simply beautiful!