Vintage culottes and a little surprise.

Today has been quite a fun one so always is when you have an early morning run to get little happy's dancing round your bloodstream. I've acquired quite a bit of vintage over the last few month, and I'm so loving incorporating it into my everyday wardrobe. That's the test of a vintage item to me: Can I wear it everyday with my high-street basics?

I found these culottes in my fave vintage shop, but there happened to be a stunning 70s suede skirt and waistcoat set that I couldn't bear to separate... So these got left behind on that shopping trip. Then one morning I woke up to a tweet that announced the closure of the shop and I RACED into the city to snap them up. I'd actually been dreaming about them, but thought they'd probably been bought by some other stripe loving lady. But as you can see they were still there on the rail waiting for me to own them. Best part:  They were in the sale...£10. A tenner. Ten squids.

And that's what the smile's about!

Oh boy. I love them. 

The rest of my Monday is going to involve sorting out blog posts for the rest of the week and sorting through vintage dresses... that will eventually be listed in my new little venture!

Yup. I finally found something I love with enough passion to give an online shop a go. There's so much excitement inside me about this that I could just burst into a big glitter explosion.

*throws glitter*

Later, Bloggeroo's.

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