Trek Days: Bannau Sir Gaer, Wales

Welcome to a little ridge in the Black Mountains of Wales, Bannau Sir Gaer. I think this is as much introduction as it needs. Just look...

Told you. These three peaks are know as one of the wildest places in Wales and they are breathtakingly beautiful and full of mystery and wonder. The Mister and I went walking there a few weeks back and it was quite a day, but just as we approached the lake and began to ascend, a nasty little bee came and stung me right on the neck. I've never been stung before...and it hurt...and I sulked 'til I reached the top!

The view made it worth the sting though. :)

As we came back past the lake we took our boots off and waded in the water for a while. I'm sure you can tell from the look on my face how cold it was!

And a final glance back to the ridge. Heaven.



  1. What a gorgeous location! Love the photos. Looks like an amazing time.

  2. Hello:
    LOVE your images and so I posted your blog on Orange HOWELL's FB Page.
    Orange Howell was my great grandfather's name, welsh, Quaker, Hoosier, farmer. Cheers!

  3. Such a beautiful view! What an amazing land. I'm dying to visit!

  4. Meghan: You should definitely visit here. It's so pretty and there's so much wild to explore even though we're only a little country!