Autumn. Fall. Moments.

Whenever the seasons turn I always announce that the new season is my favourite although the truth is that, more often than not, boredom leads me to think this. Sometimes we linger a little too long and sometimes not at all. In Britain we tend to dip in and out of good and bad weather and now it no longer represents the classical ideas of our seasons.

But on Sunday evening a gust of wind whistled down my street and I knew that Autumn had arrived. I spent quite a lot of time gazing out of my window, watching the rain that night. There were probably better and more important things for me to be doing, but I did enjoy the smell of the mountain air rushing through this city.

It was suddenly classic; being wrapped in an quilt, drinking hot cocoa, and finding a book I thought had been lost in the boxes I left in my Dad's garage. There's no other moment quite the same.

There's a secret link hidden in this post (not that secret really!) to help you get in the Autumn mindset.

p.s There's a little bit of blog construction going on still. Go drink cocoa and be warm.


  1. Autumn's definitely arrived where i live! we had such heavy rain and strong winds the other night that every plant pot in my back garden blew away. our garden is such a mess! i love this season too much xo

  2. I want those cloud marshmallows ... awesome! :) xx Cat