Hello, World. Just took some time away to re-evaluate life and some things are changing.

Only in my life would getting glasses be news! I've had the same old glasses for years and a few weeks back they literally fell apart. Metal broke away from metal and snnnnap. My glasses were no more. A lovely chap at the opticians helped me pick out a new pair, told me what looked good and what didn't and together we found a pair with a very subtle retro twist.

I've also been busy wrecking a journal! When I bought it I didn't quite get how difficult it would be to destroy a book. I love books. Books must be protected! I actually put it on a shelf for a few days before I realised what I was doing, promptly stuffed it in a plastic bag and swung it around a bit! It's really tough, but once you make a rip or a scribble, it's not that nice new book that can't be damaged any more.

And the very last bit of news, which isn't really news to those who follow me on Twitter... I have quit my cleaning job. There are numerous reasons why, which I can't detail here, but I am leaving amicably next Thursday. I have nothing to go to, but this is the kick up the rear that I need. I'll be taking Paperpocket a lot more seriously too because I've spent too long faffing around when actually I have a pretty awesome platform here. Blogging is cool and awesome and I love it. I'll also be working on my web design skills. I can do it. And perhaps I'll come up with few of my own Blogger templates for you guys to use :D

You know, for the first time in a long while I feel really excited about the future.

Here's to us, Bloggeroo's.

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