The best friend's wedding

Last weekend was the most fun: one of my best friends got married and I got to be one of an awesome set of bridesmaids! Think black and white, vintage lace and peals and you'll get an idea of how gorgeous it was. It was one of those weddings that got the right mix of formal and informal and the result was a relaxed, fun day for friends and family.

It all went by in a flash which seems to happen when you look forward to something for so long. We got ready in the morning, ate a pasty for breakfast, drank champagne, ran a little behind, laced up the wedding dress and before we knew it we were walking down the aisle, bouquet's in hand, I read the poem I had written for the occasion, vows were exchanged and Steve and Hayley became husband and wife. 

 That's me and my two very closest friends with our heels sinking into the grass. Trying to balance on that slope wasn't easy and I took my shoes off when Hayley threw the bouquet...What can I say...I meant business...I didn't catch it though!

 And we finished the evening off with dancing and festivities. One corner of the marquee was designated for the "guestbook" which was a chalkboard speech bubble and a photographer! Such a sweet idea. Guests were popping over all evening to leave the bride and groom little messages of luck and comedy :D And as darkness fell we released lanterns into the nights sky. Just the prettiest sight.

I feel so lucky to have shared such a lovely day with my friends.

Pop by tomorrow to read the poem I wrote specially for the ceremony.

Peace and love my Bloggeroo's.


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