My goldfish wants to take over my blog. Help!

Yup. That's a fish. Not just any fish, it's Colin.

Colin is a complete nerd. Whenever I am blogging I usually sit facing away from the fish tank, which is right next to the sofa, and if I look over my shoulder I can always see Colin hovering at the front of the tank trying to get his opinion into my posts.

And if you ever have trouble organizing your blog stuff there are some handy thoughts on the subject over at Kam's blog, Campfire Chic. Of course, myself (and Colin I suppose) are featured in the post! >>>>>>>>



  1. haha love the photo! My fish always does this, when I'm watching tv sitting on my couch, if I look behind me at the fish bowl my fish is always staring at me! :) x

  2. Aww, maybe Colin can guest blog! That would be interesting...

  3. lol I just came across this post and I love it. I love pets (I've got myself the cutest two dogs on the planet).


  4. Heehee, how cute! Love the photo of Colin! Lol. :-)
    Headed over to check out your blog organizing tips on Campfire Chic!

  5. I think you should let him, he's a CUUTIE! xo

  6. ah, Colin. So nosey. I had a beta fish named Bukowski, he left me alone but I miss the little guy.