Oh hi, Monday.

Good Monday morning, Bloggeroo's. Up early to bring you lots of sunshine to start your day.

*sprinkles sunshine* If it rains...I had nothing to do with it. 'K?

Kate over at Kate's Irrelevant was sweet enough to ask me to be part of her "Getting To Know Your Favourite Blogs" feature a few weeks back and I thought you should all go and get to know me a little better!

Click here to read mine------> <3

Or here to see who else was featured-----> <3

And to finish let's have some pictures that inspire me...

I tried to credit these pics but it seems after multiple tumblr-ings the original photographer's have been lost. If found please return to my email box so I can credit properly :)


  1. I like Kate's Irrelevant. Her blog is so cute! I need to check out your feature. Lovely pics!