Be spectacled.

When they were new I loved my glasses. I had two pairs, one red and one black, although only the black pair survived the days of student living in one room with everything on the floor. Yes, I stepped on the red pair and snapped them in two... These frames have seen me through a lot and I've seen a lot through them! But they are scratched, quite badly and look kinda shabby now. Plus I haven't had an eye test in three years. So, I'm seeking out new frames.

Noting a colour theme... and a definite leaning towards the vintage style. The upswept sides are so sweet, but for everyday? Not sure if I could pull it off. I really like the first pair. They've got a vintage look without going over the top. I do REALLY like the third pair though... What do you think?


  1. I wish I wore glasses, i really really do. xo.

  2. I vote for the third pair - they're super neat.

  3. The second pair for me. I'm lucky - work pay for my eye tests and glasses x

  4. Ahh I'm a permanent specky so love picking out new frames, like a cool fashion accessory :) I love the second pair! But they're all seriously cool.

    Tabio is well worth checking out, some bits are a little pricey but they do such original pieces! And thanks- I'm obsessed with that skirt at the moment! Was an impulse buy but well worth it :)