Yup. That's me up there looking a STATE after being swilled around the Big Blue. The Mister and I meant to go fishing today, but our plans were thrown into disaray when we woke and realised the clocks had gone forward and lost an hour. (I wonder why we are allowed to mess around with time in this way?) 

I ended up running this morning, having proper coffee with my favourite man and then a little surf this avo. I took my fins and went out for some body boarding. There's nothing like the rush of the sea and the sting of the moisturiser you put on in the morning as it mixes with the salt and runs into your eyes. Ouch. Don't make that mistake twice!

As you can see it was a bit of a gray day and there wasn't great light for photography, plus it was cold... So since I've been sorting through my photo collection this evening trying to organise all the random albums I have gathered I thought I'd share a few pics from a previous surf day. I think I posted a few from this album before but there were so many of them I had to be selective!

I'm still backing up all my photos. I could be here all night at this rate! 

Toodle pip, Bloggeroo's.

(Medallion from puglypixel)


  1. Looks like fun :) xo

  2. I think that it is so very cool that you are a surfer girl! Your post makes me want to smell some ocean air right now. It is quite strange that we take such liberties with the clocks, not something I really understand at all.

  3. Beautiful shots - the light is amazing. And as someone who struggles to balance on dry land, I'm always super impressed that you can surf. :)