It's the weekend (in case you haven't noticed) and I'm spending Saturday lounging around the flat doing blog things and catching up with laundry.

*man unplugs keyboard and hoovers it*

Seriously, I can't do anything round here without being dusted or wiped or vacuumed!

For those of you who own an Android phone and  don't have the opportunity to use instagram, the iphone camera app that it seems everyone is using, I've been using one called retrocam, but haven't really liked it all that much and yesterday I found a new one to try, Vignette. I'm actually really impressed with the amount of options and the filters are awesome and it's only the demo version! I made Howard sit for a while so I could take pictures. He's sulking in these photographs...

Ooo and some exciting news! One of my best friends (@bondybaby on Twitter) is getting married in August and she has asked me to write a poem to read as part of the ceremony. I am so honoured that she is trusting me with such a special thing :)

I have lots of love in my heart today <3

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