Apologies for not being around the blog this past week. I've been working hard and doing extra shifts at work to keep us going while the Mister is out of work. It seems I've exhausted myself and I was sleep walking until Thursday afternoon when I totally crashed, went to bed for a 15 minute nap and slept for hours! It didn't even stop me from having a good sleep that night! So this means I'm a week behind on my Spring music list...Let us call this Spring break and I'll be back on track for next Wednesday :P

On a twinklier note, I did some gardening earlier. There's not a garden attached to my flat, just a very small Juliette balcony that just about fits a planter on . Last year I planted rocket, which I didn't actually use, but it's still growing and currently shooting little buds. I may have killed it this morning by digging up all the rocket plants and putting them in a smaller pot... I have a tendancy to kill off plants! Whoops. Here's hoping it's still alive in the morning. In the big trough I planted some assorted seeds of flowers that attract butterflies. They should start sprouting in 2 weeks so I'll keep you posted. I keep going to the window to see if they've grown yet :D Sooo impatient. The packet doesn't say what types of flowers are in the packet so I'm going to have some fun trying to identify them!
After gardening I attempted the first of the Grimm's Fairy Tale videos. It was a DISASTER. I will get around to doing them once I update my broken laptop. This thing is about as useless as a brick with a keyboard attached :P

Does anyone have any ideas on making hanging baskets? Know of any tutes? I want to make my little balcony super pretty this Spring/Summer!

Tape strips by PuglyPixel


  1. Where did you find the sticky tape images to put over your own pictures?! I've been hunting for some decent ones forever. xo.

  2. Ah miss. I'm a serial killer of beautiful plants - so I'm afraid I have no tips - I can't even manage to keep cacti alive!!!