30 things I want to do.

 At the recommendation of a certain Gemma (here and here) I've been reading The Success Principles by Jack Canfield and trying to read myself into successfulness. Just thought I'd share one of the exercises with you...

30 things I want to do.

1. Learn to do handstands
2. Paint pictures of imaginary landscapes
3. Sail a yacht
4. Go ghost hunting
5. See a clairvoyant
6. Learn to cook
7. Speak French
8. Raise a family
9. Decorate my own home
10. Write
11. Understand the web languages (html and the rest)
12. Write and record an album
13. Set up a writers retreat in France
14. Publish a novel
15. Walk around London looking swish with a coffee in one hand and tweeting with the other...ha!
16. Live in Germany
17. Travel New Zealand
18. Bend the ear of Emma Thompson for writerly advice
19. Read all the important books of the last century
20. Publish an article in an academic journal
21. Take more photographs
22. Love <3
23. Grow my own fruit and veg
24. Trek the Great Wall of China
25. Take ballet class again
26. Make a film
27. Knit a whole cardigan...not just an arm
28. Act
29. Walk the entire Southwest coastal path by myself, camping along the way
30. Study Geology

Better start getting some of these done!

What do you want to do?


  1. a wonderful list... i used to be able to do handstands but know i would injure myself if i tried now..to become supple once again and build a little physical strength would be on my list..also to return to my twenties and feel the freedom this brings, paint, sing, take photos, climb a mountain, volunteer.. ohh lots more.
    happy weekend x

  2. I agree on about half of these...you sound very similar to me, glad you didn't put a timescale on it. And I will come to your writers retreat in France if you set it up x

  3. this an amazing list! i'm def going to have to make one of my own. hmmm gonna go do that now. thanks for the inspiration! :]

  4. Lovely post :) Amazing list! Must do a post like this <3 x

  5. that's awesome, i love the study geology mention, it's a fun subject though i only did it at school. & just a tip, new zealand is beautiful, you should definately travel it.