Do you know when to stop?

'Cause I don't! Yesterday was a shopping day and my Mister and I may have gone a leeeetle crazy with the British currency.
I went thrifting and found this lovely embroidery...

My Mister bought a new guitar and amp...

and I may have spoilt myself with a new jumper (It's coooold!!)

Really starting to feel those Winter nights creeping in. Last night I ended up creeping into a sleeping bag because the duvet just wasn't enough to keep me cosy. Hopefully my new jumper will help! Hehe. 

Sorry for the quickly done, wonky pictures. I will do better. *smack hand, naughty blogger* :P



  1. I guess it's always nice to treat yourself once in a while :) Can't wait for winter! Love bundling up in thousands of layers haha xx

  2. I can't stop either! I just went out to buy some slacks for work today, and I also got socks, a bike helmet, some leggings, and a candybar! It's such a bad, amazing addiction...haha