I have a drawer...

...a very special drawer,

where my mum collected all kinds of things from my childhood.

necklaces, baby teeth, christening gifts...

birthday bits, good luck cards, dance show programmes...

...and things that were owned by people I never knew.

Do you have a place where you keep special things from your childhood? (Apart from your heart <3)


  1. That drawer is adorable..And wow, what special little things! Wish my mom had started something like this. She keeps all my baby stuff in a box & she has a ton of stuff from my childhood in boxes under her bed! Can't wait to go through them someday. Lovely post ♥

  2. So cute! I love looking through old stuff...I have my own memory box that I've kept since elementary school and my mom has collected a bunch of stuff from my earlier childhood.

    Oh, and that vintage locket in the last photo is gorgeous!