I got a little brave!

Thankyou to Laura for inspiring me to finally make a video :)



  1. Well done you. I haven't been able to master this myself yet, let alone post it onto my blog. I thought, with the new editor, that it wasn't possible. But you have done it .....

  2. motivation tips....hmmmm...... i cant be bothered to think right now, so ill let you know tomorrow! lol
    hiya hun hows you???? x

  3. yaaaaaaay! :D you are too sweet lovely!
    oh & i gave you an award on my blog missy :)

  4. I think your dolls are going to be adorable! I love the eyes on all of them, very expressive.

    P.S.- I adore your lovely little blog!

  5. you are too cute! I love the dolls, keep with it! Will you be selling these?

    My friend and I like to play a little game called mustache poker.. and one of us initiates the game by making a mustache as you have.
    the other, has to see the mustache and raise another hairy facial feature... ie. a unibrow, by pulling a piece of hair over the eyebrow while holding the mustache in place as well.
    this keeps going until facial hair has run out.. or we can no longer hold all the bits. :)

    strange, I know.

  6. this is the most adorable video i've ever seen! your dolls are precious =] and so are your hair moustaches! =D thanks for braving the video realm for all of us. you did it quite well!

  7. EEEEEE it's so lovely to see your face again.
    The way to stay motivated is just to write an idea down whenyou think of it to actually rant/talk/discuss about then just sort of rant away dont worry about messing things up, just rant then you can edit later

    love and miss you

  8. You have no idea how much I love you right now. I've believed it for so long, but I really think we'd make such good 'besties'. Just the other day I freaked The Steve out by making mini-moustaches with my hair!

    The dolls are fantastic - I adore the eyes and the eyelashes. It gives them so much character. I especially like Miss Gaga. The slightly pointy, chiselled face reminds me of high cheekbones.

    Going to send you an e-mail full of crap, ahem, I mean ideas and reiterate how awesome I think you really are.

    Mwah x

  9. You are so cute! I like to make big eyebrows with my hair, it makes a particularly good monobrow! For motivation I have a picture of myself doing performance poetry as my screensaver so I remember what I'm logging on for. Also always carry a notebook and a camera when possible. Keep posting the videos x