Keep your feet on the ground while your head's in the clouds.

Hello, little ones. 

I have had a really awesome week filled of happiness and good chatters to some of my closest friends. I feel extraordinarily happy!  This week started on a sad note and will be ending on a real high. Not only have I scored myself a wee part time job, but my Mr has an interview for an awesome job and quite frankly I think he has a real shot at getting it. Weeeeee! Oh the excitement is unbearable!

Yesterday I was watching the music video for Paramore's song Decode and I suddenly decided that it was time to have another change in the hair department. After a quick poll on FB and twitter the world said I should go red. I had to go to two different shops to get enough dye and it actually turned out really well. I tried to take some pics, but it seems that there is not a camera in the universe that will pick up the colour! So here are some examples of what it actually looks like in real life.

I've also started vlogging over at youtube so please come and give me some support and leave me some comments. It's hard putting yourself out there! It's really fun to do though. I don't know why it took me six years of sitting in the background watching others content and not making any myself. 

Going to my Grandma's in a bit so I will see you lot on twitter until the Monday sun rises.



  1. I had my hair a very similar colour a few years ago, with brighter red streaks through it. Oh, the excitement. I'm a boring brunette now! I love the colour and I'll bet that you look amazing x

  2. SUCH a gorgeous color! makes me wanna dye my hair :)

  3. Oh wow, just watched one of your new youtube videos! (the one with the books) You are so adorable! And love the red hair :) Matilda was always one of my favorite books also.

    I loved your video!! I'll have to watch the second one a little bit later, hope you make more! It's fun to see and hear all the people behind these blogs :)