and she sat with the thought until the sun went down.

Amongst all the things that suddenly cropped up today, a very nice surprise was a trip to my local library. Now don't go expecting a library of 'Beauty and the Beast' proportions. You know the part when he gives her this maaa-hoo-sive library full of books and she falls in love with him. This library is three rows of crap fiction, some alcoves of non-fiction  a row of kids, and a performing arts room that no one ever seems to use. The one saving grace of the library are the two shelves of YA books. Thank goodness for Neil Gaiman. He really has saved my weekend from being utterly boring! I picked up Coraline and The Graveyard Book, along with some Roald Dahl and a book on doll making. Can't wait to delve into the oddness! 

I've been looking at doll-making as a possible venture and have been wondering if it would be possible to use cloth to make anything quite as beautiful and delicate as the dolls below. I've tried making the more cartoonish  cloth dolls, but I kinda feel like that's all been done before. I think i'll really enjoy the challenge of trying to create something so delicate from fabric and embroidery :)

What did you get up to today?



  1. beauty & the beast = ♥ haha
    lovely post! :)
    hm, not much for me. school, school, & more school.

  2. I still love YA reads and I'm 30! Neil Gaiman and Roald Dahl are great at any age, to be fair but there's something great about going back to your youth. Do you remember Point Fiction?

    Can't wait to see what you come up with, by the way. It sounds just your thing x

  3. I'll have to visit the YA section next time I'm at the library! And I cannot wait to see your doll creations. I'm sure they will be wonderful.

  4. I am in the YA section once a week, picking out books for my nine year old.

    I have to read them first, you know.

    Actually I do...I got her Maya by Richard Adams (of Watership Down fame) and it was soooo sexual. I was in the JF section too! I told the librarians about it and they were shocked. ha. I'm a tattle tale.

  5. These are certainly beautiful. I'm sure you will think of something equally as delicate and detailed.

    As for YA books, have you read the "Tomorrow When The War Began" series by John Marsden? I loved these as a teenager and re-read a few as an adult - still highly enjoyable.

  6. Those are beautiful dolls. They look like they come alive when everyone's asleep!

  7. Any library, is a beautiful library!