When in France...

Bing bong. Only me!

As promised i've uploaded the pics I took in France and I think I did reasonably well on the photo front considering I forgot to take the memory card for my camera, rendering it utterly useless. Thank goodness for my phone and the loan of a camera!

snug and cosy in my polkadot pyjamas

my Mr's romantic gesture


if i could windows like this i would be a very happy pocket

shhh it's a secret garden

making Clair's treat on the ferry!

somewhere on the English Channel

back to the chaos

at a stand still

Can I go back yet?



  1. your pics are beautiful! I love your room there too! I'm dreaming of an attic bedroom with dormer windows ... overlooking a secret garden. A girl can dream.
    cait xo

  2. Gorgeous pics! Love that room that you're sitting in the window!

  3. gorgeous photos. Were you there on vacation or do you know someone who lives there? Just lovely!

  4. oohhhh! i want to go back with you! how wonderful!

  5. Oooh, oooh. Purple? Eeeeek! So excited. Is it wrong of me to only think of myself and not tell you how great your pictures are, that it looks like it's autumn over there and that you look really happy? I suppose it is x

  6. ooo these are lovely pictures!! It looks like it was such an amazing trip!!

  7. absolutely gorgeous photos <3
    aww you & your mr. are sooo cute!
    looks like it was such an amazing trip :)
    goodness, i want to go to France!