I think that's N.E.E.T!

How did I miss the December issue of N.E.E.T?

Ah. Yes. Well. I was slightly separated from my laptop for a wee while.

I'm all caught up now. I love that magazine, in all its photographic, handmade, vintage glory. Two things popped out at me in this issue and also on the blog...

Quite simply genius and i'm likely to spend at least 5 days crying into my pillow as I've missed what went on from May 09 to now. Luckily they have it all archived so you can have a poke through from the start. Hurrah! The idea was to wear and change up one dress for an entire year and by the looks of it, it's actually possible.

2. Wallpaper.

Nope. Not the "cover yourself in paste and end up sticking it diagonally on the wall by accident" kind. The desktop kind. The kind that make you sigh with happiness that your desktop is so flooping pretty. Take a gander.

Oh aaaand here's a peek at my ridiculous outfit that I was FORCED to wear when I went on my snow walk yesterday.

Blame it on my Mr. Everyone else had on light jackets and a pair of wooly gloves. I had to wear an official mountain coat, mountain gloves, fleecy mountain trousers underneath the normal mountain trousers, several layers of jumpers and to top it all off Mr brought a rucksack with all his mountain gear in...just in case. It's very nice that he cares so much about me!

toodle pip <3


PS. I apologise for the lameo title :D


  1. Well, I love looking at the Uniform Project, but I feel a little disappointed by it too. That lovely lady has a figure to die for, a copy of the dress for each day of the week and has items donated to her so she can 'dress up her dress' with bits of cool.

    I'm not sure I could make it work with one dress bought on sale from Dotty P's, you know?

    Gah, I sound like I'm a whining old woman, but really I just jealous and want some new clothes - preferably for free :)

  2. I take your point! I actually agree, but if we did live in a world where people donated pretty things for me to wear...that would be very nice!