Fashion Forward: I do not need to be saved.

When I was a little girl I was quite odd and perhaps that is where today's post should end.

But it's not going to :) 

Most of my friends dreamt of being a popstar, I on the other hand, did not. I went through my childhood wanting to be a great number of things one of which was an explorer. I dreamt of captaining ships, discovering new lands and collecting samples from plants. (You may wonder why I am not now a botanist...The answer to that lies in my constant daydreams. You should read some of my school reports! eeeek!) To this day I would love to be able to rock around wearing 1930s explorer type clothes. I swear I was born in the wrong era! 

Items in this set:
Gloster Skirt, 70 GBP
Tread Boot, 160 GBP

My favourites from this set are the skirt and the boots. How I love the boots! Couldn't you just stomp around in them all day? The skirt is a mass of 'old' shirts sewn together to play around with volume and length. I don't think everyone could get away with this look, I'm not even sure I could pull it off myself, but a dream is a dream and I want those boots.

(Please ignore the price of the jacket! Ahem.)

If you want to play along with us today then hop over to Clair's blog where you can post your favourite fashion picks, have a laugh and meet some awesome folk.

Woop! It's good to be back :D



  1. I love this so much Katherine! I have a bit of a fond spot for Steampunk-esque outfits in general, but that skirt is just awesome. Not sure what it would do to the size of my bum though. Maybe I'll stick to the boots? :)

  2. I completely love this! Especially the boots and the jacket... I'm addicted to leather jackets :)

  3. Thats awesome! When I was little I wanted to look like Anne of Green Gables. Ignoring the price of that jacket (as I ignore all prices on the internet), it is amazing.

  4. Love love love the skirt, top and belt! And I would love some green tea in that green teacup :D

  5. oohhh...I need that top and that cute little teacup/platter

  6. Aw, I still want to be an explorer! Especially if I get to wear cute outfits like that while exploring.

  7. I just found your blog.
    following <3
    its lovely...& such great clothes.
    that skirt is amazing.

  8. $500 for a jacket?! It is incredibly cute though! I would love that outfit. It reminds me a bit of Disneyland's jungle cruise and Indiana Jones but in the cutest way possible

  9. I'll have the little jumper, bag and teaset please :)

  10. Great outfit!
    Love those boots.


  11. I want those boots!! (Even though - or maybe because - they contrast so much with my shoes!)

  12. I heart the rustic prairie skirt! lovely collection ... I'll be visualizing this while my sister and I go out thrifting today.