Fashion Forward: Puffy vs Sleek.

Is it obvious that my wedding filled weekend has influenced my picks today? I think so!

I got to thinking about what kind of dress i'd pick to get married in and even after hours of clicking through pictures I still have no idea. I always thought i'd have a fitted dress rather than a puffy one. Part of my problem is that I call them "puffy dresses" to begin with, which isn't the most flattering term to use for the proper princess, sticky-outy style. And thinking about it now, having been around some of them for a while...I think i may end up being a puffy princess bride. (Not that I'm getting married. Boy, I could get myself in some real trouble here!)

I can't decide. Which would you pick? Leave a comment and i'll get back to you when I make up my mind.

Head on over to Obstinate Pursuit for more your Monday dose of fashion and maybe while you're there you'll  make some picks of your own. Fashion Forward will be back here at paperpocket next week and I have you all to myself for the whole of February...Valentines season! eeee for excitement! :D


P.S. Mr, if you are reading this... I am in no way hinting that you should propose, but should you really, really want to... <3


  1. Lovely dress! I love the back corset dress. :)

  2. I want to hug you this morning, just for being so wonderfully kooky. Sticky out Princess Style? (Love You!!!)

    I honestly have no idea what I'd choose for myself. I once thought I'd have to get married in white Doc Martens (no idea about the rest of the outfit) but I have a feeling it would depend on WHERE I was getting married, you know? Hmmmm.

    Looking forward to a month of Paperpocket FFs x

  3. My wedding dress was fitted on top and puffy on the bottom. But so was I! When I get the J Crew catalog I want to get married again so I wear one of their gorgeous dresses!

  4. I think that I am more of a short dress kind of girl. The thing is that I really love the dramatic princess puffy dresses, but I just know I'd trip or get tangled in it.

  5. The problem is the dresses look completely different on you than they do in the pictures. The dresses I wanted to wear - very straight & sleek, and the other extreme of a very Marilyn style dress - looked pants on me. Also, white in general looked pants on my. So i got married in a black A line wedding dress, that I would never have even considered previously.

    Trying on dresses is fun, though!

  6. Oh man, I'm with Pretty Neat, EVERY time I see J. Crew's gorgeous gowns I try talking my husband into another wedding. Okay, no, not really, but they're THAT amazing. I thought I would go for sleek when I got married, but my hips had other ideas. I ended falling for a silk organza, fitted-on-the-top-and-slightly-poofy-on-the-bottom little number. In a perfect world (of perfectly proportioned belly to bottom ratio), though, I'd opt for fitted and sleek all day long!

  7. haha "puffy" :)
    i always wanted a big, fluffy, dramatic, Cinderella dress with a corset. sooo gorgeous!

  8. ooO I love the one on the top right! Beautiful.
    cait xox

  9. I like the 3rd one with the lace back :)