"and the polish on her nail was chipped..."

After nearly 2 years of never painting my nails, I've suddenly got an obsession with nail polish and I was painting my nails earlier (badly), remembering how I really wanted black nail polish when I was a teen. My mum told me I couldn't have it, so she let me get bright orange instead! I wish I still had it!

Really loving the bright colours and really dark reds. I saw a girl wearing red glitter on her nails the other day. They were so fabulous I had to go up and tell her!

Loving these gorgeous nails tonight. It's inspired me to look after mine a bit better.


love this colour <3

Oh and I'm having a healthy eating kick at the moment. I'm trying conscious eating instead of just stuffing my face. I'm a terrible one for emotional and comfort eating. I need to do this. I ate an entire Toblerone today...instead of lunch. That's never good!  Let's get me healthy again. Morning runs and lots of fruit and veg here I come.

Well those were two random things to throw together in a post; just a testament to how my brain works I guess :) Looking forward to my stint hosting FF from next Monday. Oh and i've started the 50 Theme Fashion Challenge over at Polyvore, so check me out ---> right...here. There's also a Fashion Forward group where you can post any of the sets you make using polyvore, for our Monday fashion parade.

Well I linked you up real good there didn't I?! This is probably one of the oddest posts I've done in a while...meh, I was feeling chatty :) Does any one know of a way to stop nail polish going bumpy?

Love love love



  1. hey I love nail polish recently too, I hadn't painted now I am conscious of my nails more and how they look. Those are some pretty nail pictures :D it would be fun to try new things like polka dots and bright fun colors sometimes for a change!
    good luck with the healthy eating too :)

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing your Polyvore Sets. The challenges are really good - they get you thinking and my sets evolved a LOT when I did that particular challenge.

    Regards nailpolish, you could try 'thinning' it with nail polish remover? I never paint my nails - I can't stand the way it makes them look on my own hands. It seems weird. (But, maybe I'm weird? Whatever!) I'm just a buff and go kind of girl! x

  3. I'm not really a nailpolish girl but sometimes I think I might want to be because it looks so classy on so many other girls!

  4. I just found your blog, super cute! I am loving those blue and white polka dot nails... something i may have to try this spring!