That's what you get when you let your heart win.

err so my day was interesting. I went into town, went into the only real fashion shop for miles, New Look, and took some picture of stuff I liked in there. I went into another shop and got told off for taking pictures...I understand, but I'm not exactly going to steal their designs... and they stole them from the high-end designers in the first place so they can't complain!

talk about hips! I think you have to have a real slim figure to wear this. It just accentuates the fact that I have an ass.


I loved this and it was only £20. So sweet.

I didn't like this at all when I tried it on, but now...I kinda like it!

hmmm. I liked this, but when I didn't have the hands in the pockets it looked boxy

hands up if you featured denim shirts in your fashion forward last monday! Someone reminded me that they are utterly awesome. <3

And I bought none of it! I was really impressed by New Look's interpretations of trends. Good job! Two thumbs up!

The rest of my day has been spent at grandma's. She's 85. There are a number of issues which i'm sure she wouldn't appreciate being batted about on the internet. Just trust me when I say it was a toughie! Will be spending every weekend with her and my aunt is organising for broadband to be put in. Maybe I can get grandma on twitter?

I. AM. SUCH. A. POSER  *hand on hip and shoot*

love love love


ooo. ooo. I nearly forgot. I bought a pale blue nail polish! It's purdy :)


  1. you look soo pretty!
    aww, why didn't you buy any of it? it all looks really lovely :)
    haha yes! you should definately get your grandma on twitter!

  2. You're so slim! Why are you always going on about trying to be good? You look FF-ing fantastic!!!

    Go back and buy the blue dress with the frills, okay? Stunning x

  3. Love those photos!

    Love to grandma too. Grandmas are ace.