Note to self: I am not a bride.

I think i'm starting to get a little wedding broody. My entire weekend has been wedding orientated, with trying on bridesmaid dresses yesterday and two, yes two, wedding fayres this morning. It was only half way through the second fayre that I thought I should take some pictures to blog...i'm feeling a little slow! Sorry :)

Fayres are really great fun though. Most people assumed I was the bride so every 5 seconds I got asked how my planning was going, have I got my dress yet and would I like to ride on a tractor to my ceremony? How about that?! It's like being 15 all over again, competing with the rest of my class mates to see who could arrive at the 5th year Ball in the strangest transport. At first I said...

"Oh, sorry. I'm not the bride, i'm just a bridesmaid."

After a few of those, I got a bit down at having to admit that I wasn't getting married. Normally, I wouldn't care, but when you're surrounded by 50 women that are real brides you start to you should be one too. So my pitiful explanations became extinct.

It was the 'Win a honeymoon' competition that did it. The man asked me out right. "Are you getting married?"

"Yes...yes I am. Oooo is that a goodie bag?!"

Next time i'll go with this tattooed across my forehead:

I am not a bride.



  1. aww, really cute post!
    those are such lovely photos :)

  2. Funny. I went to a huge bridal fair in Liverpool a few months ago to do some business research. I was slapped with a 'Bride' sticker as soon as I walked through the door and didn't enjoy the experience at all! Pushy, bloody photographers and a room packed full of people!

    Only the goodie bag made up for it all.

    I guess I'm not a typical girl, eh?

  3. No shame in pretending you're a bride-to-be for free goodie bags and honeymoon raffles! Besides, you used your experience as material for your blog...investigative journalism at its finest.