poorly sick sick

i've got a yucky cold and i feel like snuggling up with a hot water bottle, a big blanket and a good book.

is it just me or do those socks remind you of raspberry ripple icecream?

A big thanks to all those who joined in the Fashion Forward yesterday and to those who left comments. Hopefully we'll see you again next week! <3



  1. You need to 'make like me' and do just that - lingering horridness and earache is what I've put up with today. And a broken iron. Oh, woe is me :)

  2. No it's not just you I feel the same way ! Very yukky !

  3. oh feel better soon! It sweep through our house last week yuck!

    I love the socks

  4. I caught a cold, too.
    All you need is warmth and a lot of rest.
    Get well!