FF: I'm a Lumber-Jill...is that okay?

Yay for the first Fashion Forward post!

I’ve been adoring high-waisted clothes for a while and I saw this tutorial on Readymade and thought it was so cute. I just have to give this a go. Now i’m not one for skirts, mainly because they’re always to short or too long (What can I say? I’m a fussy customer!) but this could quite possibly be a turning point in my wardrobe…

And checked fabric!!!! Omg! If I don’t pilfer my dad’s shirt collection and make myself one of these soon, I swear my brain will sizzle up in its own excitement. Oversized cardi's and billowy tank tops are perfect for this look AND (!!!!) you can funk it up with a belt or heels.


Okay...so here's how you can join in all the fun.

Clair and I will hosting FF together- one month you'll find us here, the next over at Clair's blog. It makes shuffling our hectic lives around much, much simpler! We will always point you in the right direction though :) Playing along is pimpsey simple, just show up here on a Monday and pop a link to your FF post in the boxy bit (see bottom of this post!). If you're stuck for ideas pick out a trend you love from a magazine; a collection of finds from etsy; a set from polyvore, a new accessory you've made yourself... we're a flexible bunch! And you don't have to play along every week if your inspiration has run dry.


Here are a few rules to stick to:

1. Make sure the link you leave leads directly to your FF post, not your main blog page.

2. If you're posting about your own products make this clear to the reader, tell us about your store, the item and why it's current fashion. Please, no hard selling...this is for fun!

3. If you're playing along with us, remember to link back to here and visit other's posts and leave a comment 'cause...well it's nice :)

Yay, lets have some fashion fun <3

love love love



  1. Oh my, yummy lumberjack goodness! We'll have to pick out outfits for a FF meet up x

  2. I love the first look! And I love shirt-skirts!

  3. Yes, the first look is fabulous! P.S. I really like your blog :)

  4. I posted about plaid too! Great blog, and I love the FF idea.

  5. i can't wait to try out that tutorial!

  6. Uhm I just messed up the FF! You can remove me, haha! I will re-do it later.
    Also, my boyfriend HATES when I wear high-wasted skirts, but I love it!

  7. Oh, those skirts are cute! Fashion Forward sounds like fun - I'm going to put a post together next week.

  8. This is so gorgeous. Congratulations on your new meme!! I'll try and join in next week... if I can get my act together, of course! ;) K

  9. super cute! just bought myself a lumberjill cowl to wear for winter!

  10. Love the whole idea (now I've got my head round it) - I've had a little go and added my link, looking forward to seeing everyone else's and picking up a few tips :-)

  11. Hi there - I blogged mine this afternoon: http://notesonpaper.blogspot.com/2009/10/in-fashion.html there's always time for a little fashion-distraction in my day! :)

  12. I can't wait to do this:-) Fun funt hanks for sharing!