Fashion Forward guidelines

Fashion Forward - Fashion Forward is a cheeky collaboration between Katherine @ Paper Pocket and Clair @ Obstinate Pursuit. We'll be hosting Fashion Forward together - to make our commenting lives easier and things a little more interesting - so one month you'll find us at Katherine's blog, the next at Clair's. Try to keep up!

If you'd like to play along with us, join us on Monday mornings for a round up of our favourite fashion pieces - these might be hot new trends in the worlds of fashion or interiors; a treasury of cute etsy finds or set made using the wonderful powers of Polyvore. There's no obligation for you to play every week - if you're playing one week, but not the next, that's fine. Our only demands are these -

Make sure that the link you leave leads directly to your Fashion Forward item, not to your main blog page.
If you are showcasing your own products, please make readers aware of this and tell us a little bit about your store, the item or why it's a current fashion. No hard selling, just some frivolous fashion fun.

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