lets play catch-up

wow what a hectic few weeks.

i feel like i've been turned upside down and shaken around by a giant shaky machine. First i spent loads of time with some very dear friends that i've not seen for ages and went to see my Mr for a little while. Now i'm back and motivated to start so many projects! Here is a list of new things i'll be working on...

-Make do and mending. (since I have very little cash to spend on new clothes, I am mending, upcycling and turning old pieces in to new,wonderful fashion statements!)

- Knitting my first jumper. (oversized and comfy, what's not to love?)

- Fashion Forward!

The Fashion Forward starts Monday and is a meme shared between myself and the wonderful Clair @Obstinate Pursuit. The idea is to share a trend you love, a tutorial or a great outfit you've rocked recently. I'm sooooo excited to see what people post, I love finding new ideas! We're posting every Monday and I can tell already that it will be my favourite day of the week :) Please join in and help spread the style around. (Get inspired and go to Polyvore)

Check back on Monday for fashion goodness and how to join in!

Oh and while i'm here, this is sooo awesome. Sketch and draw cute pictures! These are some of my favourites...

love love love to the new followers. seriously you've made my day :)



  1. Ok that website is just too cool.....your new venture sounds fun and interesting I bet there will be a lot of cool things posted.

  2. Oh, I am so excited - and just a wee bit nervous :)

  3. good luck with your jumper! A+

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