a heart was meant to be stitched upon

It's been a hectic week. I've spent most of it on a Prince's Trust business course, that was full of wonderful people and lots of learning. It really has been great.

While i'm chilling out this evening with a nice cup of tea, I thought i'd share this pretty, created by artist and poet Cathy Cullis. She makes some beautiful, dreamy pieces; well worth a looksy. There's also a blog dedicated to poetry where you can find "My love the traveller", the poem that's embroidered on the heart. Oh so pretty.


ps. i'm feeling better now :)


  1. This is very beautiful! Thanks for sharing =)

  2. Glad your course is going well. Looking forward to seeing you on the front cover of Time x

  3. oh this is lovely! such an inspirational piece


  4. Ah the heart looks so pitiful..like you really want to hold it and hug it so that it will feel warm..

    I heart it:)