Good evening Mr. Moon

The moon is bright tonight and I'm excited as i've finally perfected my knitting pattern for a slouchy hat. Yes, finally! It's been perplexing me for ages but it's done and ready for mass production, or at least me knitting until I get fed up of it. Feeling happier today, although I was in dreamland until 1pm...I know I know. Lazy girl! I did spend the afternoon reading art magazines and found some great artists who've really inspired me: I promise I will blog about them soon once I know a tad more. Oooo I feel really arty at the moment. Next week I'm meeting up with some friends from uni! So excited I just can't contain myself and I keep finding myself dancing uncontrollably around the living room...of course that may just be the cheesy pop music I've been blasting while my Mr isn't around to complain about it. :D

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