A friend, a baby, the slouch and an artist

Yey! My old house mate and very good friend Hayley has joined the blogging community in a quest to reignite creativity and begin her art journalling and scrapbooking project. Love her so much. We've been through a lot together; ups, downs and all the things that could possibly come inbetween. Will be seeing her next week. Can't wait! Find her at redrosehouse. Please welcome her :)

And some fab news to announce. My Mr's sister in-law gave birth to a lovely baby girl early this morning. I'm an aunty...sort of. Ah don't take the excitement away from me :)

On another note, my slouchy hat pattern...although I thought it was perfected...is definitely not. Almost there, but not quite. Arrrrrgh.

I'm also completely in desire for drawing skills like artist Yoko Furusho. She's a great source of inspiration for me...see below and be in awe.

Wonderful :D



  1. Congrats on becoming a sorta auntie! Love the hat and thanks for sharing Yoko's art...I will be for sure checking it out.

  2. aaaw! new babies! everyone can be an aunt, yayee! i love the hat and the art. very cool

    ps hellooo! :)