The beginning of a wishlist

1. Circular needles (my hat, below, has an awful seam running up the back of it)

Sorry the pictures a bit crap, it's quite late and there's only an energy saving light bulb to provide illumination. The hat is actually lilac and as all my friends already know it is my most detested colour after I lived for 5 of my teenage years in a completely lilac bedroom. Sometimes I think it's growing on me, but right now it's definitely not!

My Mr has been away for a few days and has left me in charge of things here at the flat. It's pretty safe to say that i've not done much apart from look for work, try to learn to crochet and knit. I'm sad at the moment because my Mr and I will have to give up our flat because we can't afford it what with both of us being out of work now. I'll have to go home to my dad's, Mr will be at his and we shall be on different sides of the country. :( Maybe there's a second thing to add to my wishlist...

1. Circular needles

2. Just a pinch of good luck

Oh boy, I've just read through this and I sound really miserable! Actually I think that the hat looks quite good in the picture. Maybe tomorrow I shall wear it out and become a girl that likes the colour lilac. Come on girl, keep smiling!


PS oooo perhaps I'll add some little felt flowers to adorn the side of my hat...


  1. Whyd you make it lilac if you hate lilac? hehe

  2. That is a very good question! Everyone thinks I hate lilac, but secretly I quite enjoy it. It's my secret, shhhhh!