Beginning July.

Oh my. Welcome to the first of July! This new month warranted a new hair colour. After an entire age with two tone, roots and red, it was time to go dark again. Dark dark..Black. I've tried to cover the bleached red before and it just wouldn't stick so I figured, go as dark as humanly possible. Maybe it's a bit too black but it'll fade a bit!

Hopefully I'll get some time to really test out the camera this weekend. Let's find me a forest or a mountain to wander around and yes, I will probably take Howard the owl with me. Who needs a real life pet when you have a little porcelain owl?  :)

Later, Bloggeroo's


  1. Cute! I like :)

  2. Looks fab, I went dark myself after a few years is harder to maintain plus everyone else is doing red now. Brunettes rock!