To Munch

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I like reading books. Old books, new books, books about airplanes, books about geology, children's books... There's nothing like learning from a book. I like my gadgets too. I own a Kindle and it has changed how I read and improved the comfort of reading, but there will never be a replacement for opening up a really old book and smelling that bookish smell.

So here's a quick catch up of what's currently on my 'To Munch' list:

* The Cry Of The Go Away Bird -Andrea Eames
* The Oz Books- L. Frank Baum
* Mrs Beaton's Book Of Household Management- Isabella Beeton
* The Anubis Gates- Tim Powers
* The Somnambulist- Jonathan Barnes
* My Name Is Memory- Ann Brashares

And the list just keeps on growing! What's on your list right now?

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  1. The Cry of the Go Away Bird was amazing! Let me know what you think when you finish it.