Surf Days: Porthcawl

How are you doing down there?

The Mister and I headed out on Saturday evening to our "local" surf spot, which is hit and miss at the best of times and today was no different. There were no surf-able waves. It was, in short, crap and because of this I stayed on land to take photos. A blessing in disguise!

 The clouds here are always epic and usually look like they are about to pour rain on top of you at any minute. I think the weather in Wales is very volatile and I love it! It means awesome cloud photo opportunities all the time. *high five*

And suddenly the light changed. The dark and dreary beach became shrouded in a golden glow.

More beach photos tomorrow from a Sunday trek. This time we were in glorious sunshine all day and the pictures are spectacular! Don't miss it :)

What did you do this weekend?

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