Watercolour Pencils

I love those words together.

watercolour pencils.

So today I bought some watercolour pencils and some watercolour paper (also excellent together). The sun was shining and I walked for quite a way to find a little independent art shop which I was sure would be in my town.

It wasn't there.

I must of imagined it because where I thought would be one, was actually a bookshop so I had to slope into a high-street chain... and no sooner had I bought everything, the sky burst and rain poured. Then comes the  realization that I forgot to bring a jacket or anything that could shield me. So I scurried into the nearest coffee shop, which just happened to be a Starbucks.

*Cue more rain.*

I sheltered for a while, sketched and drank a rather questionable Chai tea latte... (Someone at Starbucks HQ obviously said, "Get a normal cup of tea, quickly dip a stick of Cinnamon in it for a few milliseconds and no one will ever tell the difference. Don't worry about the rest of the ingredients!")

But eventually I made it home and that, I suppose, is the end of the story.


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  1. I love this little story, but I'm sorry you got wet. Starbucks chais are so lackluster and I'm so happy to hear that you feel the same way! I thought I was spoiled from working in a coffee shop that carried *the best* teas I've ever tasted. I would make my chai lattes extra strong on the chai and with honey instead of sugar. Yum, yum! The perfect autumnal/winter comfort drink.