I am Tree

"I can look at the knot in a piece of wood until it frightens me."
-William Blake

A stroll round the grounds of a local church

There is nothing like a strong tree. They have always fascinated my eye; the lines, the grain, the knots. That strange way that trees like to grow with negative space peeping through branches. I love trees most when they are living and growing The men in my family have always dabbled in carpentry, dollhouses, bookcases and such. I grew up around piles of wood shavings in the workshop and trees that were allowed to grow far into the sky. 

I still have dreams about the trees at the bottom of my childhood home, the same dream I had from when I was very small. I would take off from the back door and try to fly over the tops of the trees but would always fall into the branches until, at 22, I finally made it over the tree tops and flew across a beautiful river, landing in a gentle glade where some kind of fairy folk had a tea party waiting for me.

Ah yes. This is the stuff of dreams.

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  1. I know this sounds weird but I have always loved the smell of fresh wood. I also love trees. Sometimes I say hello to any particularly friendly looking tree that I may pass during my walks. I think your dream about trees is really interesting and cute!