This just goes to show how slack at blogging I've been over the past year. I was rifling through some old photo files as I was trying to do up my blog a bit and I found pretty pics that I've never posted...I don't think, anyway.

I must have been going through a floral phase when I took these!

And as always, my obsession with all things 'sea' shines through...

It's been a fun Sunday, guys. What did you do today?


  1. Beautiful photos love, I really like the study of the shell. Today I had my hair cut and enjoyed a play date with the Little Dude and his future wife, and am now working on blog stuff. I have an action packed and fun filled life as you can tell - but at least I now do so with good hair x

  2. Gorgeous pics! I love the blossom photo - so pretty.

  3. Oh my goodness, this is a breathtaking post! Those photos just chased the winter doldrums right out the door. Love the new header too - it's so cute!

  4. beautiful photos!xx