A 'sit down and write what ever's in your head' blog post

Ahhhh Sunday. A day for fishing, baking, defrosting the freezer, and reading Anna Karenina. Oh and an excellent tennis match. Today has gone incredibly slowly and I'm pleased I've got tonight's dinner prepared because I can focus on doing the important things...like sitting down...and blogging.

I so look forward to the weekends now I'm working. The week days seem to to fold into one another and quick as a flash there are two lovely days to myself. They pass far too quickly though. If I could, I think it would be nice to stay at home, looking after the house, cooking and kids. Ha! Yes I'm feeling broody! I don't say this because I think it would be an easier way of life, it's certainly not, of that I am sure, but I actually enjoy doing that stuff.

It's funny how posts turn out. When I sat down I didn't intend to write about wanting to be a housegirlfriend. I guess it's on my mind that all my friends seem to be settling down. Don't get me wrong, I'm settled with my man, but I'm coming up 25 and before you know it i'll be 110 still dancing round, shaking my thang on the dance floor.

My brain is nuts. On one hand I want to remain as childlike as possible and on the other I want to be all grown up.

I suppose what I was trying to say was that it has been a good Sunday... *sigh*

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