Style crush crush crush: On the fringe

 The last time I wore a garment with fringing attached, I was 10, dressed as a Squaw and was waiting in the wings of a fancy dress competition. My costume, lovingly made by my mother, was complete with feathers, braids and a cuddly bunny wrapped in a tea-towel. I strode up on to the stage, proud to be in the final group. I had the best costume, but they'd seen it a thousand times before. The kid dressed as a box of cigarettes won. Apparently it was...unique. I never got over it. I scorned fringing through out my teen years, so imagine my shock when I was looking at British Vogue earlier today, to see bags and shoes covered in the stuff and worse still...I liked it.

Marc Jacobs

The whole country and western trend has come and gone for years and all of those times I hated it, so why is it different this time?

The thing is that it's simple and unfussy. I don't need to wear hefty suede jacket with tassles swinging to and fro; neither do I need to don a cowboy hat. I can go about wearing my normal clothes and sling on a pair of fringed heels and wam: super fashionista at your service! Now we all know that I'm not one for heels in the day, mainly because i'm giantly tall...

but a pair of sandals and a fringed bag, I can cope with.



  1. Oooh, and there are some amazing statement necklaces in this style too. Would you like those I wonder?

  2. I have a top with fringing on that I've had for around a year, I like it but it takes ages to untangle when it comes out of the washing machine!