A little tutorial round up

I've been doing a bit of freelancing lately and this past week I've been lucky enough to be working on some craft related titles. I was working on a round up of tutorials that used up old or vintage handkerchiefs. I'm probably not supposed to do this, but I wanted to share two of them with you guys 'cause they were far too pretty to not tell you about.

This super cute rosette is made using the outer edge of a vintage hanky. I'm planning on making lots of these...once i've collected enough handkerchiefs, of course :P

...and these sweet little hanging vases with little cases. Seriously, when I get married i'm going to make these to hold flowers. Not that i'm getting married. Although, after two and a half years...*ahem* I'm just sayin'! I might even make some of these for the flat 'cause...just look at them!!!


If you make either let me know, I wanna see!



EDIT: I'm using mobile broadband for the foreseeable future and for some reason it won't let me comment on Blogger. I promise, i'm not ignoring you, it won't let me talk to you :( Hopefully (when I earn enough moola) I can go back to regular broadband and everything can go back to normal. Comment city!

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