I never thought you'd lose the light in your eyes.

Walking. Writing. Knitting. Reading. Drawing. Talking.

That's what I've been up to lately. I've thrown myself into my writing and found a new love for it <3. I'm feeling super inspired to do all the things I love and share it. It's what a blog is for I guess.

I've got the next two weeks to myself since my mister left for an international road-trip this morning.

Let's get inspired. Here are some of the weekly posts that'll be hanging around The Pocket in the future...

and the Etsy (eventually!)



  1. Oooh. Yay! Handmade Home sounds wonderful. So glad that you're feeling inspired x

  2. Writing is such a lovely thing to get into :)
    Glad you're feeling inspired despite the fact that your mister is gone for two weeks! :/

  3. Go you! Glad that you've fallen in love with writing again :-)