Style crush. crush. crush: Hayley Williams (Paramore)

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Style crush: Hayley Williams by paperpocket

Get out your bleached denim, girls! maaaaybe we can't all get away with top to toe denim IRL, but it's a cute idea right? What i'm really loving are Hayley's accessories. Nerd glasses? Errrr, yes please! (Although I am yet to wear mine out in public. I will... Eventually... I think.)

nerdpocket with self knitted hat!

I am so in <3 with my mister right now. My laptop charger pack pegged it the other day and he's bought me a new one and he surprised me with tickets to the XFactor auditions next week! (If you're on twitter you'll already know that little nugget) Ages ago I said I wanted to apply for XFactor, but then didn't. Obviously I am meant to be in the same room as Mr Cowell once in my life even if I'm not the one singing :P

Toodle pip, babypockets.



  1. i love your hat and the orange and black one with ears
    have a lovely day

  2. I want that hat!! The glasses are well cool too - especially how you wear them xx

  3. hey, this is my hayley williams outfit :) let me know what you think! Now I'm wishing I had thought to include glasses.