There's an Etsy floating around here somewhere

I know I blogged ten hundred times today, but I promise no more until tomorrow at least :)

It just dawned on me that if I don't get myself together and do this Etsy thing then I never will. Something in my odd little body has just kick started me in to doing something about my situation; I can either wallow in self pity or I can do something about it, right?! So guys, this is it. I am doing this. 

I came up with a list of stuff I know how to make and I plan on spending the next few weeks working on Etsy stuff.

* cowls/scarves
* cute headbands
* surf necklaces and bracelets
* mittens

I'm sure there's some other stuff I could sell, like prints of the little inspiring lines I make up from time to time. How exciting!

There are going to be times during this process when I lose all faith in myself and I'm going to need you guys to keep me focused on my goal! <3



  1. Yes please, yes please! I would so visit your Etsy store :-)

  2. Go, Katherine, go!! I cannot wait to see your Etsy shop. You never know what may come of it until you try, right? Best of luck putting it all together.

  3. you can do it Katherine, just visualise it happening and you will do it xx

  4. I'm working to the same goal as you so let's charge on ahead together! You absolutely can do it, have faith in yourself and you will succeed ;)

  5. Go ahead Katherine and happy work!
    I should really do the same and invest more time in my etsy shop... it's a bit neglected these days.

    (By the way, that carpet is so funny! :)

  6. I'm sending you happy *mind bullets* full of focus and optimism right now x

  7. You have a tag on my blog :) ♥