Fashion Forward: I'm going to miss you...

It's the last day of Fashion Forward :( Clair and I are moving on to other projects, but I hope everyone who's taken part stays in touch. You are all so awesome!

My last FF... and I am going to (try to) convince you of the fashion credentials of tie dye. Hey...Come back! Don't run off, it's only tie dye. I spent an awful lot of time wearing tie dye sweaters when I was a teen, but back then I wasn't exactly, ummmm, fashionable. But tie dye has reinvented itself over and over again, not always in the prettiest way, but I think this skirt is quite possibly the return of buckets full of dye and clothes tied up with string.

It's pretty!!! I reckon it would look awesome dressed up or down and my search for THE perfect leather jacket begins here. Tie dye has that grungy appeal that makes me want to throw on a leather jacket and a pair of boots, but the reason why I like this particular skirt is because I could make it really girly and bohemian or I can rock it out with some awesome studded accessories.

Clair is hosting our final FF so head over to Obstinate Pursuit to check out some extra fashion picks.

I've already written this post's taken me nearly 5 hours to get this to post...I hope it's worked this time! I'm stuck using my mobile phone as a modem since i'm still at my grandma's house. Thanks for being patient!



  1. Um...tie dye. Oh my! Definitely not my first choice of pattern, but it actually looks pretty awesome.

    Can't wait to see what changes you'll be making over here at Paper Pocket - exciting x

  2. I can see this working, but I needed the visual because the words "tie dye" make me want to run screaming.

  3. I loveee tie dye....done right and this is done right!!! Love the belt with it ;) I have a picture on my blog of a skirt I had sewn and proceeded to tie dye myself when I was a teen. If you want you can take a look

  4. I'm usually pretty skeptical when I hear of tie-dye (bad, bad experiences with hippie roommates!) but I agree, it can be done so very well. This is the perfect example. So lovely and carefree, just right for summer.

  5. Not my idea of heaven tie die, but your take on it is just fab and you could dress that up or down depending on what accessories you chose. So I may be a convert x

  6. i love the way tie dyes coming back in a much more sophisticated fashion. there are some really great pieces out there! i love that skirt!

  7. How did you remember tie dye, it's been for years! But the skirt is really gorgeous, tie dyed or not :)

    FF has really have been fun!
    I'm sad it's the last one, but we'll stay in touch ;)