The sewing room.

Okay so I got fed up of being hemmed in in my bedroom. (Excuse the intended pun) There was only one thing for it. I invaded the dining room and it is now my craft room. I can't really do much to it though, since I put all my stuff in there while my dad was out and he came home to a bit of a shock! Woops! He never uses the room so... It was fair game!

excuse the mess!

And the newest addition to my craftyness...

The sewing machine.
(wouldn't that make a good book title)

and my writer friend Carrie sent me the cutest tape measure for Christmas!

Owl cuteness!

I've spent all today working on a tutorial for you all which hopefully should be up by tomorrow afternoon. Fingy's crossed. If it's not, it will be up on Tuesday. I have a weekend of Grandma sitting ahead of me. She's starting to get quite confused and the other day she thought I was there in the morning and then was sat waiting for me to come back until quite late. I hadn't been there in the morning and I wasn't due to be going round until tomorrow. It's quite sad really, but she is 85. I keep telling myself this! She's still got a terribly naughty sense of humour :D Any way. I've had lots of fun making things today and i'll probably be up late tonight, so hit me up on twitter if you're on there. I need the company! 

Love to the new followers <3



  1. i love the owl, it's adorable!

  2. Looking good, Katherine! I like how you set it up so that you can look out the window while crafting. Very clever. Can't wait to see what you create in your new space!

  3. Looking forward to the tutorials. I know that they're going to involve awesome cuteness! Glad you managed to sort yourself a little bit of crafty space out - it does help keep you sane, right? Don't stay up too late x

  4. looks really good! (haha, the last three comments now start with some form of 'look' :)
    that owl is absolutely adorable :)
    looking forward to the tutorials!
    aww, my grandma is getting to be like that too, it's so sad :(

  5. Laura- we should start a grandma club.

  6. Having a space to craft is so necessary, even if it means invading your Dad's dining room ;)It looks very cozy to work in!